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2012 in review - photographs

Okay, I know it's a little late to be reviewing 2012, what with it being February and everything. But oh well, this blog is very young and I think sometimes the rules can be bent in these circumstances. I want to get back into photography this year - back in my late teens I had some tutoring in good photography and a few helpful books, as well as my manual SLR which is sadly no more. But this year I plan to get snapping again and re-learn some of the things I used to know.

The following snaps are snippets of last year. Some of them are momentous occasions, others are just tiny moments from ordinary days. I suppose in that way photography can be as good as a written journal, you can treasure memories you might otherwise lose. Without further ado, here is my 2012 in a series of snaps:

Zine Fair

I went alone to this zine fair in early 2012, and blogged about it in more detail here. It was in London, and I had a wonderful day meeting other zine makers, swapping and buying. I realise Instagram-type photos are ten a penny now, but at this point I had only just got an iPhone, after years of sturdy Nokias that played snake and let me send texts but not much else! So I was enjoying playing with effects like these. This was a lovely day. When I look at this picture, I am galvanised to keep creating, and to organise a fair of my own one day. One for the to-do list!

I was a guest artist

What a great opportunity. I went along to the Overground Arts Festival at the Green backyard, Peterborough, and got to paint on a board supplied by the organisers. I had a fairy small board, others had huge ones, but they were mainly spray artists. I was one of the very few using brushes. Half way through this piece I decided I hated it, but I pushed on through and really cheered up, after a few beers and compliments! It was one of those rare, perfect days in England, warm sun and cloudless skies, magic.

Trips to the seaside

I LOVE the sea. This year I went camping in Norfolk and walked round Cromer with my girlfriends, as well as a trip to Skegness and a stroll through the markets which sit underneath this giant roller coaster. As you can see, the weather varied, but I honestly don't care what the weather is like by the sea, it can be p*ssing it down and I still have a whale of a time. For some reason, grim weather by the sea feels atmospheric rather than just miserable. Both times I've been to Skegness and admired this beauty of a roller coaster - but I've always been alone in wanting to ride it. Shame!

Everyone watched the olympics

Several room shots I took at a friend's wedding then sloppily put together in Photoshop. I know most of the people in this picture, they are all enthralled by Jessica Ennis, about to win gold. The bride and groom were very gracious about their guests crowding around the TV.

I saw the sun come up

I'm nuts about camping, and luckily have several friends I can drag along. Whenever I go camping, this zealous light comes into my eyes that absolutely nothing can dampen, not even rain. I just find the whole experience one huge adventure. Being an experienced camper, I shrugged off the lack of a sleeping mat last summer, thinking I was hardcore enough to sleep well without one. I turned out to be incorrect, waking up at 4 am, freezing and achy from the lumpy ground digging into my back. I pulled on my boots and walked the three miles to the coast. I walked the sand and climbed the hill to the right, feeling very small and very peaceful as I watched the sunrise, just me and waves. I couldn't stop snapping the sky, though as ever, the pictures never do something like this justice.


One day we were walking by the river and suddenly there were loads of swans, they extended out  way beyond the picture. It was as if they knew exactly how to create a kodak moment. Needless to say we raced off to get them some treats so they would stick around for a bit.


I often trawl the BBC website to see about getting free tickets to my favourite Radio 4 comedies. Bleak Expectations and Cabin Pressure are my ultimate favourites. The BBC are excellent, you just show up with your ticket and you're ushered into a studio to laugh your face off for about an hour, all for free, and what's so great is you get a peek into how these shows are produced. I'm not that interested in the world of celebrity, but I've seen some famous faces - Anthony Head has to be my favourite, the man giggles non-stop throughout recordings.

Mum saw there were Miranda tickets for the third series being filmed and we applied, though I told her not to get hopeful as TV shows are always impossible to get tickets for. We were successful - apparently we were one of 250 people who managed to get a ticket, out of 16,000! We had an amazing day together, a picnic in the park with wine and salmon sandwiches made by me, before queuing at the BBC Centre to get in. Miranda was so lovely in person, and kept us all amused in between takes with chatting and silly dances. Highlights? Choosing my BBC mug in the shop, and then walking out of the BBC building, ten 'o' clock at night, to see the full-sized Tardis, lit up in all its glory. Most excellent.

Christmas lights

I was walking through the city centre late one night in December and snapped the edge of this glittering canopy of lights, with the cathedral in the background. The lights extended across the whole square, I never wanted them to come down. This is another photo where I didn't manage to do justice of the lovely atmosphere, or how gorgeous the buildings looked all lit up. The limitations of a camera phone, I guess. I hope this year sees my photography improve as I try new things out!

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  1. I love the sunrise story! It looks amazing, so peaceful! xx