Thursday, 10 April 2014

One-word mini photography project: Yellow!

I have had to juggle several different things lately and sadly this means not as many posts on here as I would like. But today I managed to get out with my camera on a bike ride and see spring sprouting in all its glory :-)

I would love to be a better photographer,, but as well as limited knowledge of technique, etc, I often dont know what to focus on when out and about. So I texted my good friend Karen Harvey, asking her to text back a one-word stimulus to base a day-long photography project around.

She texted back from a train that was travelling though rapeseed fields, saying: Yellow! So off I went with my camera into town, and out again into the countryside beyond. And this is what I found!

Bizarrely, my favourites are: the money shop, the broken voltage sign, and the straw. I love pattern and texture so it was this I was seeking out more than objects, though I think I got an even balance. The tulips one I like only because I lay on my front in the grass next to a busy road to get that shot, that was fun! Also, the one of the yellow wall next to the dual carriageway? I took that whilst riding along on my bike. The camera was held up to my eye and it was the weirdest experience trying to take a picture whilst steering a bike - I almost came off!

I loved doing this and will definitely be doing it again. Having a one-word starting place really gets you focused and looking for things to photograph. I think its best if you let a friend choose a word for you, or else have a selection of words you can pick at random. This would also be a great project to set for kids!

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