Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A fixer-upper

I just thought I'd share this finished project with you all: I found this dollhouse shelving unit at Peterborough Market back in November. It was pretty filthy, home to some deceased spiders, and with flaking pink paint. After hauling it home on the bus in the pouring rain, I gave it a good wash, and got out some sample pots. Here it is, all clean and re-decorated. I've put some of my little things on the shelves, and I'm really pleased with it! I just wish I knew who made it, or where it came from.

The postcards I feel should get a mention, they were freebies in a zine I bought off Etsy last year. The illustrator is Kristyna Baczynski, and I'm a huge fan. I got the giant button from a fair I went to years ago. I love collecting oversized and miniature objects, as you can see from the shelf of tiny books. The photograph was a little freebie I got with a larger photo, from Silent Theatre. Finally, the lion is a carving my grandfather bought when he lived in Hong Kong in the fifties. The teeth and claws are ivory, so I doubt you could buy something like that now, not legally anyway.

I'd love my own dollhouse, this is the next best thing I suppose!